About the Author

The Author of Grow n’ Glow, Mrs Hema Raajen,  is well qualified academically in the field of Montessori education and duly been certified by CERDS .

Out of sheer passion of the Author, to contribute towards child development & parenting skills, Grow n Glow has been founded & developed.

About Grow n’ Glow

We all are socially bound towards our duty of endeavoring the future world by enriching our next generation. Grow n’ Glow is a little step taken as a token of our dutifulness towards today’s little ones. To make this possible, we will strive hard to explore motherhood, nurturing, coaching through spice filled fun.

To elaborate, Grow n’ Glow will deeply dive into Child Psychology, Child development Methodology, Educational Philosophy, Parenting strategy & learning phases based upon the inspirations drawn & works done by Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori system of education. This Blog Spot is a humble dedication to her, enabling us to plant our contributions in her dream of making better adults –out of the kids, as she quotes “ The Child is both a hope and a promise for mankind” , in one of her books.

Come folks….. Let’s together provide this world a remarkable imminent inhabitant.